Introducing Our New Web Store

Introducing Our New Web Store
June 10, 2016 Gear
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Even with 2500 square feet of retail space, we’ve never had enough room to feature all the gear we love.  That’s why from the start we’ve teamed up with our supplier partners to offer you a fantastic web store to supplement our showroom experience.

Today we’re excited to announce that we have a brand new web store and a great new partner: San Francisco’s world-famous Mr. S Leather.

Our new web store offers you an inventory selection that’s more aligned with our in-store stock, plus great deals, better pricing and superior search capabilities. It’s our most shoppable web store ever!

About Mr. S

Mr. S Leather is home to the biggest and best selection of kink gear you’ll find anywhere. And they’ve been perfecting their craft of exceptional bondage gear and clothing since 1979.

All of their bondage, leather, neoprene and rubber gear is made right in their warehouse in the heart of San Francisco so that they can keep a close eye on every stitch, rivet and snap. Like us, they also work with the best names in the fetish and sex toy business so they can bring you the hottest stuff on the market.

You’ll now find even more Mr. S best-sellers at Gear and all of their merchandise here online.

When you shop our web store, Mr. S will process and fulfill your order on our behalf. Together, we’ll offer you extraordinary gear, unsurpassed service and an outstanding shopping experience.

Can’t Find It?

You’ll find virtually everything we sell in our showroom available in our online store. But in the unlikely event that you don’t find something that we carry, just ask. We’ll be happy to ship it to you from Palm Springs.