Introducing FuckGear

Introducing FuckGear
August 15, 2016 Gear
Introducing FuckGear

A new line of rubberized fabric gear from Mr. S.

Introducing FuckGear Sport Shorts and Chap Shorts. Why FuckGear? Cuz they’re hot as fuck!

They’re everything you love about rubberized fabric:

  • Sexy, stretchy and form fitting;
  • Stands up to any lube or liquid;
  • Machine wash-friendly.

Designers spent a year sweating the details to get these pieces just right.

  • Unmatched flattering fit;
  • Sport-inspired striping for an athletic look;
  • Color lacing that matches the striping details;
  • Concealed internal pockets for an ID, cash or condoms;
  • Chap shorts have built in clips for your harness and keys.

Both pieces come with white, yellow, red or blue striping.

We love ’em, and you’re gonna love ’em too. Pick yours up in the store or online.