Spring 2018 From Cellblock 13

Spring 2018 From Cellblock 13
March 5, 2018 Gear
Cellblock 13 Velocity Shorts and Socks

Gear Welcomes Cellblock 13’s New Rogue, Velocity and Cellmate Styles

New jocks, briefs, trunks, jockbriefs, shorts, harnesses, socks and wrist cuffs.

Made of revolutionary combinations of super-soft and fetishy polyamide, polyurethane, spandex, neoprene and nylon fabrics.

Fresh innovations like the Smuggler Jock Pack, concealed wallets, convenient supply pockets and new waistbands.

Available in all your favorite fetish colors.

Shop our Palm Springs retail store for the best selection. Velocity and Cellmate items are also available online!