Introducing Hankey’s Toys

Introducing Hankey’s Toys
July 26, 2017 Gear
Introducing Hankey's Toys

XXX-Large in size but not in price — Hankey’s Toys!

If you’re looking for a hole busting good time, look no further than our new line of big boy toys. These toys are XXX-Large in size but not in price. Hankey’s Toys are crafted from 100% platinum-grade silicone in a firmness that is not too soft and not too rigid – so it’s just right! You’ll be hard pressed to find a quality silicone toy at these prices.

These toys are body safe and easy to clean just as you would with any silicone toys. Compatible with Vac-U-Lock. Put these fuckers in a dildo harness or fucking machine and your hole is going to get opened farther than it ever has before.

Best of all, they’re available both in our store (a Desert exclusive!) and online.

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